Friday, 28 November 2014

North Korea on Ferguson.

North Korea has condemned America for its abuse of Human Rights in the Ferguson case. This is unbelievable. North Korea cannot be an advocate for human rights when it is one of the worst offenders in the world.  This post is in no way a defence of America with regards to the Ferguson case. The American judicial system is corrupt and racist, that is why people are protesting.  Darren Wilson the white police officer who shot dead Mike Brown walked away completely free and this is unjust. Yet I’ve seen people online, with a somewhat praise/admiration for North Korea because of this action. I deem it necessary to remind people of the atrocities North Korea commits, and highlight awareness for the brave survivors who’ve come out to share their stories with the world. Kim Jong-Un assumed power after his father’s death in 2011, yet there has been no noticeable improvement in human rights. The government practices collective punishment, torture and inhumane treatment, executions, political prisoner camps, and restricts the freedom of information and movement.

”See! Even North Korea says the USA is wrong!!!”

Stop. North Korea has merely recognised the international criticism of America, and has released this statement in an attempt to appear just and righteous in comparison.  North Korea has no moral authority with this. This is politics and propaganda, North Korea does not care about the oppression of people in America, in fact it has its own dangerous view of racial supremacy.

The Security Council should follow up by referring North Korea to the International Criminal Court to investigate the long list of crimes against humanity.” – Kenneth Roth, UN.

 It is ignorant to blindly accept this statement of ‘support’ from North Korea, with the mentality that ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’. Moreover, careless comparisons between the North Korean regime and the US are gross trivialisations of the terrors that exist in North Korea. Yes oppression exists in America and yes it must stop, however it is imperative to this discussion that we recognise that there is no freedom of speech in North Korea, there are no protests.  

How can we help? It is not impossible! There are many ways in which we can help, but the most important;

  • Raise awareness about human rights in North Korea!As you may have done for Ferguson, for Mexico, for China. Do not let the voices of the oppressed go unheard.
  • Donate to the causes that exist! Many organisations work with refugees, helping them reach safety and freedom!
  • Put pressure on the international community to actively engage.

No one deserves to be deprived of their human rights. Watch this incredibly brave and moving description of Yeonmi Park's experience.